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Application Deadline for Spring travel courses draws near

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Application Deadline for Spring travel courses draws near

The deadline to apply to this year's Spring Travel courses is January 12, 2015. Ten travel desinations for the spring half-semester (May 5-June 26) have been selected and include:

  • Brazil with Mitch McEwen
  • Turkey with Kathy Velikov (Students who apply to the course after November 20th [deadline for research visa applications] will spend the period at Notion working in tandem with the archaeological team on regional site mapping and documentation activities.)
  • Shanghai with Sandra Manninger
  • Singapore and Hong Kong with Claudia Wigger
  • France with Clement Blanchet
  • Mumbai with Mary Ann Ray
  • Ecuador with Ana Maria Duran
  • Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark  with Peter McKeith
  • Thailand with Francois Roche
  • England, Scotland, Ireland and France with Andrew Holder

International travel has always been a key facet of the Taubman College experience and travel opportunities are are open to all Taubman students. For complete details on courses, visit the Travel Abroad page of the Taubman College website. 

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