Architecture faculty member Neal Robinson partners with restauranteur on second restaurant venture

Architecture faculty member Neal Robinson partners with restauranteur on second restaurant venture

Neal Robinson, Assistant Professor of Practice in Architecture, has joined restauranteur Eve Aronoff on a second Ann Arbor restaurant venture. The two have previously collaborated on designs for the restaurant Frita Batidos, and Aronoff’s namesake, eve the restaurant, which closed four years ago.

This joint venture will be a reopening of eve the restaurant, set in the 1600 square-foot space in the Bell Tower Hotel on South Thayer Street. Aronoff said of Robinson, “I’m really in love with architecture and design, and am excited to be working with Neal again. We’re looking at making the bar area upscale, intimate and sophisticated, and we’re imagining a separate, intimate private dining room with chef’s table and a window into the kitchen.”

Eve Aronoff also owns Frita Batidos on Washington Street in downtown Ann Arbor, during lunch hour, Wednesday, February 9th. Lon Horwedel |

“As a designer, it’s always great to work with passionate clients who understand the broader construction of value around a product or service,” added Robinson. “Eve definitely understands this and from the beginning of our collaboration she has pushed for “more” than simply a space in which to serve food. 

When asked about what the public can expect of the new space, Robinson provided some insight. “Memory structure is very important in the work I do with Eve and in the new eve @ Bell Tower Hotel, we hope to echo a selection of elements from the original eve restaurant in Kerrytown. Of course, we’ll dial up and down the material and spatial volume of these pieces to fit the new location but it’s a safe bet that a large white curtain will make an appearance.  The bar/lounge area of the new eve will be substantially larger but look for the long banquettes to make a comeback.  We have a few new surprises on the way as well.  We’ll reveal them opening day in mid-June.” Read the original article announcing the venture on

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