2015 MUP Student Awards

2015 MUP Student Awards

Each spring’s Taubman College commencement ceremony awards four distinguished graduate students with Master of Urban Planning awards. These remarkable students are nominated, compiled, and voted on by faculty members for their outstanding academics and service to the community and college. Along with presenting the specialized awards, Urban and Regional Planning Chair Richard Norton noted how urban planners undeniably make the world a better place – he predicted that the “do-gooder,” multi-talented graduates before him will only continue the positive trend. 

Matt Ferris-Smith received the Academic Achievement Award for his exceptional excellence in University coursework.

The Service to the Community award was given to Luke Norman for his admirable activism within in the community, specifically for efforts in assuring affordable housing in Ann Arbor.

For selflessly helping students with techniques and methods in design, Shirley Rempe was awarded by the Service to the Urban and Regional Planning Program.

Alexandra Markiewicz was accorded with the American Institute of Certified Planners Award for remarkable attainment in the study of planning.