Robert Fishman featured in WalletHub's 2015 safest states study

Robert Fishman featured in WalletHub’s 2015 safest states study

Taubman College Professor Robert Fishman was featured in WalletHub’s recent study examining the safest states to live in for 2015. The financial advising site, known as “The Social Network for Your Wallet”, compiled the list based on various forms of safety, including workplace safety, emergency preparedness, home and community stability, road safety, and financial security. Fishman is regarded as one of seven of the study’s experts who contributed additional insight and advice to the aforementioned safety objectives.

From the interview:

What tips do you have for consumers looking to improve their “financial” safety?

Don’t buy a big house at the edge of a metro region! All the statistics point to a “McMansion glut,” as millennials prefer smaller houses or condos close to transit and close to downtown

What can state and local policymakers do to reduce crime in their communities

People comparing relatively high crime rates in cities to low ones insuburbs fail to factor in the higher probability of auto accidents due to increased driving and “total auto dependency” in the suburbs. From that perspective, cities may be safer than suburbs. The Amtrak derailment was a shock, but I would say in general that increased investment in transit by state and local policymakers would make our cities and suburbs safer.