Vance Promotes Architecture Concentration in Design and Health

Vance Promotes Architecture Concentration in Design and Health

Associate Professor of Architecture Sean Vance recently spoke with students about the Design and Health concentration through the Master of Science program (MS_DH). The MS_DH program allows students to pursue new opportunities for design and architecture that positively influence health infrastructure.

The MS_DH program aims to change the way that architecture looks simply for sustainability or for “sick buildings,” and instead look at how architecture could establish a baseline in design on what health is and what healthy is. The diversity in discipline as well as the aesthetic approach in design varies, allowing many views and areas of study within. The goal is for each MS_DH student to chart a relationship between architecture, design, social science, engineering, history, public health, public policy, and medicine. From this, new forms of practice can emerge, as well as new forms of collaboration, from basic scientific research to technological interfaces within designed objects and buildings.

The deadline to apply for MS_DH is January 15, 2016.

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