Matias del Campo Serves as Editor of the Current Issue of Next Generation Building

Matias del Campo Serves as Editor of the Current Issue of Next Generation Building 

Associate Professor Matias del Campo, in collaboration with Nimish Biloria, served as editor for the current January issue of Next Generation Building (NGB), titled Info-matter. Published by Baltzer Science Publishers in collaboration with TU Delft in the Netherlands, the magazine NGB has established itself as an emergent voice in the area between advanced design, cutting edge technology and discoursive reflection. This issue offers a cross section of contemporary works including projects by Mark Fornes (Theverymany) and Tom Wiscombe as well as texts among others by Neil Leach (USC, Harvard GSD), Pablo Lorenzo Eiroa (Cooper Union) and Areti Markopoulou (IAAC Barcelona). 

An excerpt from the introduction:
“Contemporary architectural praxis is in a continuous state of transformation. The introduction of sophisticated information technology driven design tools, constantly updating building information modeling protocols, new spatial policy demands coupled together with environmental regulations and cultural dynamics etc. are all open-ended phenomena within which today’s architectural constructs have to efficiently perform. This dynamic meta-context brings about with it a vital thrust on developing integrated information driven and materially adaptive design processes for producing multi-performative architectural morphologies. Conceiving the built form as time-based bottom-up formations of interdependent spatial components rather than focusing on the development of a top-down form centered approach thus attains a vital position in the contemporary. Rapid transitions from Computer Aided Design to Computational Design and Simulation in order to absorb, process and understand dynamic meta-context based data sets and their potential to shape architectural matter is thus increasingly gaining prominence.”

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