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Kelbaugh's New Book Addresses Cities' Role in Combating Climate Change

Friday, May 24, 2019

Douglas Kelbaugh, professor of architecture and urban and regional planning and former dean of Taubman College, has published a new book, The Urban Fix: Resilient Cities in the War against Climate Change, Heat Islands and Overpopulation (Routledge, 2019). The book addresses the role of cities in accelerating and exacerbating climate change and details the ways urban design, planning, and policies can create resilient urban areas. It also examines the environmental benefits in developed countries and the population benefit in developing countries. Kelbaugh, whose areas of interest include urbanism, energy, and design, is the author of several books, including The Pedestrian Pocket Book (Princeton Architectural Press, 1989) and Common Place: Toward Neighborhood and Regional Design (University of Washington Press, 1997). To learn more or purchase Kelbaugh’s new book, visit routledge.com/The-Urban-Fix-Resilient-Cities-in-the-War-Against-Climate-Change-Heat/Kelbaugh/p/book/9780367175702.

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