Published: 03/16/2022

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20.80′, 2021- 22

’20.80’, a work in progress, is linked to an interest in augmenting my tendency to do ‘too much’ in a piece of work—a propensity driven by a motivation to avoid the crisis of reduction. To develop a critical method, I will try and get 80% of the communicative potential in the work, through 20% of the means— both spatial and representational. The work is carried out, initially, through a triptych drawing, produced manually, two of the three drawings seen here. This preparatory phase to be followed by digital modeling, and digital ‘manipulation’.

I will be thinking about two sites for the work: a ‘real’ site, let’s say a physical environment, and the digital environment. As a kind of prototype project, I am also interested in the ‘20%’ of the representational and material realms, moving between three different languages of spatial communication—figurative, indexical and metrical, affording different ways in, and different ways out. This will be a point of enlarged design thinking, learning. There might be physical constructs as the work progresses, depending on how much traction the work gains as it progresses. I imagine a series of drawings, manual, and some digital images, that might contribute to larger conversations about specific techniques of architectural representation, in addition to enabling more ‘effective’ means by which I might leverage and communicate, to varied audiences, in representational and spatial realms.


Perry Kulper

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