Published: 03/17/2022

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Access the Game

Through play and interaction, “Access the Game (Get Together)” facilitates an understanding of difference in the ways that people move through and interact with the world. Each player is responsible for two people (one ambulatory and one in a wheelchair) as well as two pieces of a final communal space. The objective is simple: to bring everybody together into one shared space. Every turn brings an opportunity to move, but obstacles will abound, requiring re-calibrations of movement. How do you know if a person can move into a space? The forms will let you know right away if a wheelchair can have access, or where an ambulatory figure can stand. In other words, you’ll figure out quickly what kinds of spaces make an environment available to all users. Playing the game sets up opportunities for cooperation, accommodation, and celebration of differences, toward increased understanding of barrier-free design.

Initial Research Funded by a Prototyping Tomorrow grant from Taubman College

Collaborators: Danrui Xiang, Ana Tang, Niels Hoyle-Dodson


Julia McMorrough

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