Published: 03/01/2010

Project Term: 2010

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AnaLOG Cabin

Ana-Log Cabin looks at parallax experience and conceptual duplicity relative to materiality and construction. We are interested in the relationship between apparent formal complexity and simplistic methods of fabrication. Rather than unify computer design processes seamlessly with digital fabrication, we mis-align them to question the relationship between form, construction and materiality, and the digital processes that produce them. In this way we aim to relate emergent technology to conceptual premises that stand outside of dominant techno- logics, rather than in step with them.

The installation is a freestanding structure that provides viewing from one part of the project into another. These peep-holes join together “worlds within worlds” that are typically exclusive of one another. Starting with the design and fabrication of a part-to-whole system of reconfigurable toy- like building blocks, the installation muses upon different variations on the basic kit-of-parts, through photographic enlargement, mises-en-abˆme, and other representational types. On one hand the installation is based entirely upon a single observation point, while on the other it defeats the possibility for a singular experience by running its own internal logic at cross-purposes.

The installation was exhibition at the WUHO Gallery in Hollywood, California. Support for this project was provided by the Taubman College Research Through Making Program.


Mireille Roddier Keith Mitnick

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Project Credit: Mitnick-Roddier-Hicks