Published: 03/11/2022

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Augmented Tectonics

Augmented Tectonics, is a project developed through the XR Initiative at the University of Michigan for the teaching construction in architecture at Taubman College. By developing an XR teaching platform , the projects ambition has been to enhance the traditional teaching and learning strategies with interactive and immersive virtual content related to the subject. The construction of space is closely tied to a deep understanding of materials, their assemblage and construction methodologies. The extensive amount of information within this subject is impossible to cover during one’s education and therefore is typically presented as theoretical conditions applicable to a broad range of situations. Reflecting on traditional methods for teaching the technical aspects of architecture in-light of new advances in extended reality (XR) technologies highlights opportunities for generating a new dimension to synthesize tectonic concepts through immersive interaction. We inherently process information from the world around us in three dimensions which allows for a deeper and quicker understanding of things. The use of XR allows us to present information as we might encounter it in the real world. Within architectural pedagogy, this presents a great potential for how we design and think through embodied learning in immersive virtual environments.

Collaborators: David Siepmann, Grant Parker, Jamie Lee – Taubman College; Jeremy Nelson, Moezzo Saleem, Eric Schreffler – Center for Academic Innovation

Funded by: the XR Initiative and Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning


Jonathan Rule

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