Published: 03/16/2022

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Bloomscape Offices

Bloomscape is a Detroit-based company whose mission is to transform people’s relationship with plants. They make it easy to buy plants online and have them shipped to consumers in specially designed boxes. They commissioned us to transform the interior of the modified structure into a workspace that could deliver a dynamic range of work and meeting spaces while providing a strong connection to the outdoors. Within the high-bay spaces of the building, the design and placement of two interior volumes create meeting rooms, focus rooms, and phone booths while simultaneously creating service spaces as well as a breakout nomad lounge that overlooks the north courtyard. M1DTW was responsible for the design of the work and meeting space finishes, casework components, furniture and furnishings, including the custom designed workdesks.

Design Team: Christian Unverzagt, Thomas Affeldt, Genevieve Doman
MEP Engineering: MA Engineering
Landscape Architect: D.I.R.T. Studio / Julie Bargmann
Building Shell Designer: Undecorated
Building Shell Architect-of-Record: Ianuzzi Architecture Studio
General Contractor: Jim Saad, CCM


Christian Unverzagt

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