Published: 01/01/1978

Project Term: 1978

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IBM Santa Teresa Laboratory in Environmental Graphics

The IBM Santa Teresa Laboratory is a built project exploring how color-coding at the architectural scale could presence the identities of the different departments and buildings on the campus.

“The use of color-coding at the architectural scale is perhaps nowhere more dramatically exhibited than in this complex of buildings in the Santa Teresa, California, foothills, where whole exterior walls are identified in glowing shades of magenta, red, red-orange, orange, yellow, green, teal, and blue.

“The jury was impressed with the daring and successful use of color from the largest to the smallest scale in an orientation and directional system that they felt worked extremely well. From the air, the vivid courtyard walls strongly identify the building complex in the midst of wild landscape.”

The project was published in Environmental Graphics. Linda N. Groat was the Graphics Project Manager on the project.


Linda N. Groat

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