Published: 05/26/2024

Project Term: 2011, 2013, 2015

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Specimen and Avialae

Lille, France
Lille3000. Renaissance, Detroit
Gare Saint Sauveur

Referencing bird wings and the extinction of previous creatures, Avialae, suspends in the air, out of place and time. Appearing natural in form, it is entirely artificial in its existence. The work hovers boldly above the old train tracks of Gare Saint Sauveur, just out of reach. Lit from above, the curvatures of each piece reflect the simple light pattern suspended overhead. The resultant is a kaleidoscope-like effect of its surrounds and the hovering of light in space. 

Made of glass, the work is constructed through a process of free form catenary slumping. Each piece of the work is subjected to its own temperature and duration setting providing variation in curvature and detail throughout the entire project.

Catie Newell, Wes McGee and Aaron Willette

Assistants: Joe Proper, Dan Sebaldt, Lindsey Petersen



Catie Newell Wesley McGee

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