Accessibility and Transportation
Community Resilience


Published: January 1, 2015
Publisher: Park Books
ISBN: 978-3-906027-72-2

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Infra Eco Logi Urbanism

nfra Eco Logi Urbanism is a design research project by the experimental design research practice  RVTR that posits an approach and vision for architecture at the urban scale within the contemporary post-metropolitan condition. The project examines extant and emerging urban systems within the Great Lakes Megaregion and develops a design proposition to leverage regional infrastructures toward resilient urban and public ends, addressing questions of politics and urban society. It is a project about thinking and working on urban questions at a time when cities are recognized as increasingly de-centered, distributed across extensive geographies, and intertwined with their peripheral landscapes and hinterlands. The design proposition hypothesizes that, by working through ecological and systems-based approaches within the infrastructure and logistics dominated hybrid urban territories, that new large-scale architectures and systems can be designed to take a more active role in transforming the future of urbanism, settlement patterns, and metropolitan life. 

The publication assembles regional maps, design propositions, photographs, related architectural projects, and critical writings by the authors. Rounding out the volume is a foreword by urban historian Robert Fishman that explores the role of transportation infrastructure in the development of the region and an afterword by architectural theorist John McMorrough that situates this project within the broader architectural project of investigating possible future worlds.


Kathy Velikov Geoffrey Thün