Camp Michigania—Strategic Planning: Expansion

Addressing Strategic Planning Around a Beloved Asset

Preliminary Site Analysis & Concepts

Business Plan for Expansion

Addressing Accessibility

Urban Planning, Public Policy, Business, Health and Human Services

/ Washtenaw County Projects

Willow Run Redevelopment Phase 1

Analysis of redevelopment opportunities for adjacent neighborhood

Analysis of airport runway reconfiguration and logistical operations options

Health impact assessment for adjacent neighborhood

Benchmark analysis of brownfield redevelopment projects nationally

Urban and Regional Planning, Engineering, Public health, Public Policy

Willow Run Redevelopment Phase 2

Proposed Framework for community bargaining agreement for adjacent neighborhoods in airport brownfield redevelopment

Proposed design alternatives for adaptive reuse of existing structures

Analysis from design and test of wetland in situ wastewater treatment system

Urban and Regional Planning, Architecture, Engineering

Washtenaw County Affordable Housing

Analysis of low-value housing/neighborhood redevelopment options

Analysis of health impacts indicators for low-income residents

Analysis of transit optimization routes for low-income neighborhoods

Urban and Regional Planning, Public Health, Engineering

/ Grand Traverse Region Projects

Grand Traverse Region Workforce Housing -Group A

Environmental impact analysis of potential workforce housing projects

Analysis of work-residence transit optimization options

Urban and Regional Planning, Engineering

Grand Traverse Region Workforce Housing – Group B

Comparative case study of other regional efforts to provide workforce housing

Tool to inform commuters about commuting costs in making housing choices

Analysis of issue-based focus group interviews and public meeting transcripts on public perception of affordable housing

Analysis of draft incorporation articles for workforce housing non-profit

Analysis of economic feasibility of affordable housing options

Public Policy, Engineering, Social Work, Law, Business, Information

Grand Traverse Region Workforce Housing Phase 2

Tool to inform community about trade-offs from housing development scenarios

Analysis of focus group interviews to inform development of communications strategy on affordable housing

Engineering, Social Work

/ Metro Detroit Projects

Refugee Ready Region

Analysis of economic impacts of refugee resettlement efforts, Business plan to help refugees own their own homes, Assistance with on-line volunteer tracking and implementation software

Public Policy, Business, Social Work

Detroit Redevelopment Strategy for Decommissioned Riverfront Power Plant

Community Engagement strategy for adjacent neighborhoods and DTE, Analysis of transit optimization routes for adjacent neighborhoods, analysis of re-ruse options for power plant infrastructure

Urban and Regional Planning, Engineering, Architecture

Detroit Neighborhood Redevelopment in Collaboration with DTE Energy

Action plans for neighborhood redevelopment projects, analysis of transit optimization routes for neighborhoods, analysis of potential use of ease for public use areas

Urban and Regional Planning, Engineering, Law