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Published: 2023

/ Student Work

(Ann) Arborist Education + Cultivation Center

Many issues involving the environment – climate change, achieving food security, and tackling biodiversity loss – can all be linked to how land is managed. As current land development has become ecologically and socially unsustainable, it’s become vital that any future building addresses the preservation of the planet and its resources while enhancing eco-friendly connectivity in urban areas.

The 500-acre project site, located by Parker Mill Country Park and Radrick Forest but within arms reach of a major highway and housing estate, is a prime location for the (Ann) Arborist Education + Cultivation Center. The center comprises a three-tiered program with a focus on public outreach, education, and research. By involving the community, the center promotes a better understanding of local plants and ecosystems and works to encourage viable, sustainable landscaping practice that enhances the overall urban environment and contributes positively to the neighborhood.


Maxine Schabel


Yojairo Lomeli