Render of architecture designed park with a city skyline in the background

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Coastal Intervention & Splash Zone

The Cultural Visitor Center explores the relationship between the natural and manmade coastline and the effects of concrete on ocean biodiversity. Conventional concrete sea walls do not allow for the optimal environment for plants and wildlife because the pH of concrete is too high and seeps into the surrounding water.

My design is a segmented multi-part path that folds into the coastline, producing different moments between land and water, including traditional concrete seawall, natural vegetation, and alternative concrete. The central buildings are arranged diagonally along the waterfront, and each has a lower viewing area that is open-air or enclosed. The central concrete masses mimic the natural topography of the uninhibited coast, creating moments for plants and wildlife. The stacked cylinders are produced with a mixing agent that lowers the pH of the mixture.

The project focuses on an alternative way to use concrete in the built environment that mimics the grading and texture of the natural coast or shoreline. The visitor center acts as a public site for education, viewing, and a new home for the Marine Pollution Control Center, which is currently located nearby.


Sophy Cunningham


Stratton Coffman