Rendering of meandering path

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Community Prospect

An important thesis we are exploring within this project is the opportunity for housing to facilitate interaction on different levels of engagement. We explored this through the concept of enticement as the product of the juxtaposition of refuge and prospect ingrained in multiple levels of our project. Enticement creates a feeling of curiosity for the mystery of what may be just around the bend, out of sight enough that you have to discover what exists by engaging. This conceptual bridging of prospect and refuge takes place in the development of 4 topics that use this juxtaposition at their design core (from the zones for each generation, architecture open to nature, construction, and materiality, to the interwoven site plan). We are interested in intergenerational spaces, community life, materiality, and path movement, all of which could be expanded upon using the concept of rewilding. Through the execution of all the above, the ultimate aim is to facilitate stronger connections between immediate housemates, surrounding neighbors, and the Corktown community. Ideally, allowing the children the freedom and space to roam free, providing places of refuge in the home and within nature for every user to feel engaged, but at ease, and encouraging a reliveliness of social interaction on the site along with the rewilding.


Harman Kaur, Katie Bailey and Raghad Al Khidran


Mick Kennedy