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Published: 2023

/ Student Work


Concerns over rising rates of loneliness, social isolation, and increasing costs of housing were central to the design considerations. Sited in the historic and disinvested neighborhood of Corktown in Detroit, this project seeks to encourage a thriving community through social connections and environments that heal.

A myriad of housing typologies and densities are provided throughout the site to support a wide range of lifestyles. Within each building, spaces are designed to be flexible and adaptable to cater to the changing needs of its residents. Communal living and shared common spaces encourage residents to create support networks while reducing individual cost burdens. Along 14th Street, a variety of amenities and live-work spaces create a foundation for a lively commercial corridor. Special attention is given to circulation spaces and courtyards to increase the likelihood of casual interactions among residents. Each building has been oriented around a primary courtyard, each being unique in its character and environment for increased feelings of ownership, identity, and ease of way-finding.


Natalie DeLiso and Ipsha Patel


Sharon Haar and Adam Smith