Site plan of architecture project

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Cultivating Co-Home

Over time the western concept of home has equated itself to its efficiency to complete domestic functions for the user. Cultivating Co-Home serves to recalibrate the nodes of cultivation, collection, and invitation through a woven fabric of activity typically thought to be confined in the bounds of one’s personal domestic space. Through a disseminating logic of grid, ideas of domesticity are explored on varied levels of scale.

On site, cultivation represents the hydroponics lab and market, collection represents the apothecary store, and invitation represents the teahouse. Within a home, consisting of an aggregation of dwellings and communal landscape spaces, these ideas address the health and wellness of the users through shared kitchen, laundry, and bathhouse/sauna spaces. Within a dwelling, designed to ensure flexibility for different ways in which people may live, an individual interacts with the smallest scale of domesticity on site through the bathroom, balcony, and organization spaces.

Cultivating Co-Home creates collective domestic spaces that respond to urgencies regarding our climate, while simultaneously cultivating a flourishing community rooted in care, connection, and collaboration.


Zoe Dubil, Sahr Qureishi, and Zephaniah Romualdo


Jonathan Rule and Kathy Velikov