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Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Detroit TimeWarp Pavilion & City Museum

The concrete industry has played an essential role in Detroit’s history, especially in the city’s expansion, industrialization, and development. The visitor’s center in Detroit’s Delray district highlights the history of the concrete industries, showcasing how they have been intertwined with transportation, architecture, and urban planning from the 1840s to the early 21st century.

The center aims to educate visitors about the establishment and growth of the concrete industry while also providing insight into the city’s formation from the perspective of this vital industry. By offering a comprehensive view of Detroit’s past, the space aims to foster conversations about how the community should be planned for the future.

In addition to presenting the origins and significance of the concrete industry, the visitor’s center serves as a platform for discussions on urban planning and community development. Through this interactive experience, visitors can gain a deeper understanding of the city’s history and the factors that have shaped its current landscape.


Chang Chu


Stratton Coffman