Detail Photograph of architecture model on white background

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Earth Refinery

The Earth Refinery reinforces the linearity of the natural ceramics process through its form. The building transitions from below grade, to above grade, as the program shifts from refinement to display. Materiality is meant to reflect the activities housed. 2 foot thick walls are constructed from rammed earth derived directly from the soil displaced during excavation. The east wall of the submerged portion of the building is left carved out of the terrain, leaving a feeling of progress and unfinishedness in the refining portions of the building (mixing space, studio). The building is capped by a wooden roof with a downward scoop in the courtyard to force air through the space, and a reciprocated move to house the kiln chimney and allow for the escape of heat. Shelving behind the window glazing provides additional storage and display space for the ceramics but also makes them a part of the building’s architecture as they affect the lighting qualities of whatever spaces facade they occupy.


Andrew Masternak


Laura Walker