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Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Farm at Table

Farm at Table aims to build a sustainable future through collective living. The concept develops around the notion of food production and sharing. Therefore, our program incorporates the strategic placement of vertical farms and greenhouses amidst residential units. Significantly, these greenhouses play a pivotal role in shaping the interconnectedness not only between housing units but also within the broader community.

Considering food growth as an essential way of living and interacting in tomorrow’s rural collectives, the programs that consist of food production stitch different housing units, serving as an essential element in our project to reinforce collective living among inhabitants through food sharing. Each building hosts specific crops and produce, fostering an intricate web of exchange among the residents. This collaborative effort culminates in the establishment of a self-sustainable, aggregated food-sharing system that serves people living inside and outside this collective haven.


Fatima Azahra Addou, Tara Mehta and Alexis Wang


Jonathan Rule and Kathy Velikov