Rendered scene of architecture project

Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Living with Bamboo

China’s rapid, rampant development over the past decades has destroyed the connection between humans and nature. This connection, which is the past and future of Chinese identity and defined what it is meant to be Chinese, can only be found in the countryside now. By focusing on a specific minority group in China, Jinuo, I dig into its special relationship with bamboo, which had deeply embedded in their culture and daily life. Bamboo is a sustainable material with great potential in the future that could use as a surprisingly effective carbon sink. The bond between bamboo and Jinuo people, however, has been gradually weakened because of the loss of local people. In this project, taking advantage of local bamboo resources, I want to rebuild this connection between urban and countryside, between people and nature, through the attraction of local bamboo culture and ethnic culture, dig out the value, renovating the village, and developing bamboo tourism.


Xuetong Zhai


El Hadi Jazairy