Published: 2023

/ Student Work

Proactive Parks


This project is a joint effort conducted by the students/faculty within the Master of Urban & Regional Planning program at the University of Michigan and the Department of Natural Resources for the State of Michigan as a Capstone project for the Winter 2023 semester. Sustainability is a major point of emphasis at the Taubman College of Architecture & Planning. As such, team members were well-equipped to provide strong recommendations to the Department of Natural Resources regarding Electric Vehicles, Climate Adaptation, Belle Isle State Park, and Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, planning for the future of the more than 100 State Parks within Michigan. These recommendations will guide DNR in its promotion of climate resiliency and enhanced vitality in the park system in both the near and distant future.


Harrison Clark, Danielle Contorer, Christopher Dahman, Lingxiao Du, Sarah Fleckenstein, Matthew Hastings, Rasha Mohamed, Arthur O’Leary, Jihwan Park, Dylan Vaughn-Jansen, Jiahao Wang


Jeff Kahan