Hand placing architecture building into model

Published: 2023

/ Student Work


What is your understanding of well-being, and where or when do you discover peace? The term “wellness” may appear straightforward on the surface, but the journey toward achieving it is often quite complex. For many of us, the uncertainties stemming from our inherently unstable natures can be intimidating. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that fully embracing, recognizing, and embracing our imperfections is a vital aspect of attaining wellness. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic concept of Wabi Sabi, which emphasizes the beauty found in simplicity, impermanence, and the incomplete aspects of nature, I integrated this concept into my project.

In my design for a mental wellness center, I aimed to provide a space where individuals could reflect on themselves as a part of the natural world. Within the center, people would have the opportunity to contemplate the beauty of their own imperfections. Adhering to the simplicity and unconventional nature of Wabi-Sabi, I began crafting the fundamental building structures with “simple” rectangular geometries, ultimately creating “unconventional” structures that would transparently convey the presence of nature and reveal its beauty to visitors. With the synergy of the natural surroundings and architectural elements, individuals would be able to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature’s impermanence.


Yeon Lee


Jen Maigret