Areas of Interest
Urbanism, SubAltern Studies, Humanitarianism and Policy, Evidence based Design, Building Engineering and Management

Ph.D. in Architecture

History and Theory


/ PhD Student

Ayesha Wahid

Ayesha Wahid is a consultant, an orator, researcher and educator. Currently, she is a PhD student at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at University of Michigan. Her research interests lie at the intersection of History, Urbanism and Policy. She has also been offered admission to the MS Program in Health Infrastructure Learning Systems at UM-Medicine.

At UM, she has had the opportunity to take courses at different schools , interact with faculty and students from varied disciplines, who have different perspectives, thereby enriching the learning experience tremendously. Having a strong interest in interdisciplinary collaboration, Ayesha, along with other members of the Legislative Committee of Rackham Student Government, visited Lansing to meet Senator Hopgood to discuss Legislation related to Gendered Assault and Campus Safety. She also made a presentation titled ‘Safety and the City’ at a conference on ‘Redesigning Justice’ at Keble College, University of Oxford.

Previously she has published work titled ‘Narratives of Segregation’ at UM. Her current research at TCAUP is titled ‘Can the Subaltern speak : Acts of Faith and the Kinetic City’. Her research is informed by the ethos, ‘Adding the voices of the marginalized to the Architectural Canon’. India is considered the largest democracy in the world with a diverse minority population of significant numbers. Yet, existing literature from the lens of the minorities remains woefully inadequate. Her research attempts to address this need .