Master of Urban Design


/ Architecture Student

Deepa Bansal

Mumbai, India

Degree Program(s)

Graduation Date
May 2024

Why did you choose the M.U.D. program at Taubman College?
I think this is one of the best, one of the best, programs in U.S. that provides a very well-grounded practice-related research in Urban Design.

What do you consider the strengths of the program?
The best part is the diversity that the program offers and the collaborative work of all our professors and the scholars in the field. Questions that we are aiming here are very much grounded in reality that’s justice, that’s technology and, that’s and climate-related so all these problems that we see that the world is facing and something that M.U.D. focuses on and provokes you to do more research in these fields and provokes you to be a part of the better society in future.

What advice do you have for someone who is considering applying?
Well firstly, Ann Arbor is really really a very pretty and beautiful town and I’ll say when you’re considering different colleges when you’re considering different parts of the U.S., Ann Arbor, and Taubman provides one of the best like a full pack program in terms of diversity in terms of other opportunities to pursue your different co-curricular activities.