Areas of Interest
architecture of participation, socially-engaged architecture, spatial justice, housing, urban renewal, urban politics

Ph.D. in Architecture

History Theory, Design Studies


/ PhD Student

Eda Bozkurt

Eda Bozkurt is a PhD student at the University of Michigan. She holds a B.Arch and an M.S.Arch from Bilkent University, Turkey.

Her research interests span the histories, theories and practices of ‘participation’ in architecture, politics of affordable housing, social production and reproduction of space and community empowerment. Her current research focuses on the state-led urban renewal projects targeting gecekondu areas (squatters) in Turkey –projects that are driven by the urban agendas manifested through the neoliberal economic policies of the state and that are produced through conventional top-down processes where the power to make decisions are unequally distributed and unilaterally controlled.

Selected Publications: Bozkurt, E. (2019). The Changing Dynamics of the Architectural Profession in Turkey, 1960s-1970s: The Rise of Participatory Design and the Experimental Case of İzmit New Settlements Project. Bilkent University.