Portrait of Laura Matos

Bachelor of Science in Urban Technology


/ Urban Technology Student

Laura Matos

Hometown / Home Country
Warren, New Jersey

Current City / Current Country
Ann Arbor, MI

Why did you choose Taubman College’s new program in Urban Technology?
I chose Taubman’s new program in Urban Tech because I knew that I wanted to practice and study a discipline that relates to design and architecture. However, what sold me on this major specifically was the impact and problem (in theory) that I am able to cultivate through the process of analyzing cities, and in return the fact that my efforts can possible help and reach out to a large community.

What excites you about urban technology as a field?
I am excited to study different aspects of Urban Tech, for example, coding and urban planning, which I would otherwise not have the opportunity to study. I am also excited to grow as a cohort and be able to get inspired by the other hardworking and like-minded students around me.

What is your favorite city and why?
My favorite city is Boston, Massachusetts- having only New York City to compare it to, I found that the city itself is a more assessable and safe city to walk around. There is a myriad of variation in the architecture and cultures displayed throughout which is something I value and look for in a city. Also, the style of the red brick building reminds me of a smaller city near my hometown called Hoboken, so in that aspect it feels like home and not as overwhelming and chaotic as NYC.

What are you most looking forward to at Michigan?
I am most looking forward to meeting new people, experiencing a new environment independently, and having endless opportunities to learn and participate in activities that I enjoy, and haven’t necessarily had the opportunity to do while in high school.