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Urja Kaushik

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Why did you choose Taubman College’s new program in Urban Technology?
Cities are going through a transformation with the onset of technology. With my interest in urban studies, I was looking for a program that can help me understand how cities function and how technology is influencing the growth and management of large cities. The Urban Technology program at Taubman College is an excellent program that has a mix of technology, design, and cities and I believe that the urban technology program at Taubman would help me develop the right kind of perspective to become a futuristic smart cities professional.

What excites you about urban technology as a field?
Technology is influencing every part of our lives and cities are no exception. Planning and development have always been a field of interest for me, but with the urban technology course I’m able to combine my interests in urban development to design technology-driven sustainable solutions for the future. Another aspect of urban technology field that excites me is being able to develop new technologies that would have a lasting impact in the future.

What is your favorite city and why?
Jaipur, a historic city in India is definitely at the top of the list. Despite being a large metropolitan city, Jaipur is able to maintain its historic character. No matter how many times you visit the city, there is always a fresh perspective you discover in the historic buildings and structures. One can never get bored while walking alone in the city like Jaipur, with such a rich history and architecture.

The new Urban Technology program is unique, with first-year students beginning classes in January. How are you spending your time this fall?
With the course starting in the winter term, I’ve had the chance to get a head start on the course, learning basic programming on python, a few online courses on cities and completed a four weeks virtual internship with a company working on a public bike sharing scheme. Now, with Covid restrictions being eased I’ve had the opportunity to travel back to India, visiting family and friends as well. Visiting different Indian cities and understanding the difference in their design and character and the reasons behind them.

What are you most looking forward to at Michigan?
I have a long list, moving from Dubai’s heat to Ann Arbor’s cold winters would be an experience. I would be keen to learn in a multi-disciplinary environment and this is what urban technology course is all about. I am excited about studio projects, field trips, research internships, meeting with the renowned faculty of Taubman. Apart from studies, making new friends, cheering on the wolverines at football games, and becoming a part of freshman traditions, the list is endless. Just being on campus and exploring is what I’m most looking forward to.