Areas of Interest
Housing Policy, Mixed-living Housing, Inclusive Built Environment, Urbanization

Ph.D. in Architecture

Design Study


/ PhD Student

Weican Zuo

Weican Zuo is a Ph.D. student in Architecture at the University of Michigan. She started her doctoral studies in 2018, focusing on public housing and inclusionary housing policies and practices in contemporary urban China. From a larger perspective, she is interested in exploring the dynamics of forces that are critical in framing public housing development. Her study extends to embrace public housing as a crucial element within China’s urbanization and sustainable urban development and think about how to integrate it within the future of the city. On the other hand, she is also interested in investigating social-spatial relationships within public housing and mixed-living communities, in order to better understand the dynamics among the physical environment, residents and socio-cultural factors in the play of constructing an inclusive built environment.

Weican received her Bachelor of Architecture from Xi’an Jiaotong University in Xi’an, China and Master of Architecture from the University of Minnesota, MN. Her master final (group) project focused on a city in China and used the issues of today to envision the urban built environment in the future. This project, Beijing 2118, received the 2018 Richard Morrill Final Project Awards and the 2018 Student Choice Award in the University of Minnesota.