Portrait of Yuxin Lin

Areas of Interest
Digital Fabrication, Computational Design, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics

Ph.D. in Architecture

Robotic 3D Concrete Printing


/ PhD Student

Yuxin Lin

Yuxin Lin is a Ph.D. student at Digital Architecture Research & Technologies (DART Lab), Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan. His research centers on developing computational design strategies and Robotic 3D Concrete Printing methods for manufacturing ultra-lightweight concrete parts. His research has built upon the expertise he has gained and is inspired by his passion for advancing technologies that will have a meaningful and positive impact on a sustainable future.

Yuxin had his undergraduate architecture education in China and received M.Arch from the University of Michigan. His previous academic research focused on applying computational design, digital fabrication technologies, and artificial intelligence in the field of architecture. Yuxin was a research assistant at the AR2IL, focusing on the exploration of digital design techniques for architecture using artificial neural networks. Being a research intern at a fabrication company, he worked closely with robots and related equipment to test novel computational design methods and new construction workflows in a practical setting.

Advisor: Dr. Mania Aghaei Meibodi