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Grengs Featured in President Schlissel’s Public Engagement Initiative

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Grengs Featured in President Schlissel’s Public Engagement Initiative 

Joe Grengs, Chair and Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, has been featured in U-M President Schlissel's Public Engagement Initiative recognizing his appointment to serve on the DOT’s Federal Advisory Committee on Transportation Equity. The initiative highlights that “Public engagement embodies the University of Michigan’s mission to serve society.” Key to its success will be the involvement of U-M’s esteemed faculty of professors, primary researchers and librarians. As President Mark Schlissel has noted, it is “both a privilege and an obligation to provide thoughtful insights and important contributions toward public policy and to help solve the most complex and challenging issues confronting our society.”

In his role with the DOT, “Grengs has proposed new approaches to carrying out legally mandated environmental justice evaluations; encouraged the strengthening of regional institutions to better address race and class disparities in transportation outcomes at the metropolitan scale; and advocated for greater investment in public transit that serves the poorest communities.” More information about Grengs’ appointment to the Federal Advisory Committee in December 2016 can be read here.

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