Term: Fall 2024
Section: 3
Class Number: 32578
Credits: 3
Required: No
Elective: Yes
Course Brief

/ ARCH 505

Sustainability and Affordability

In recent years, society has become increasingly aware of its responsibility to address the great challenges our society faces. The need to achieve carbon neutrality is one of the foremost among these; its importance in combating climate change can hardly be overstated. A second great challenge is ensuring that communities have sufficient affordable housing and buildings. Further, given the pressure that population places on natural resources, providing not just affordable but sustainable buildings has become a major goal as well. Goal of the course is to find design strategies for sustainable and affordable buildings. A focus lies to find the right balance between (1) good architecture, (2) an optimized building envelope and (3) the technical effort for building operation to increase the comfort.


Mon 8:30-11:30am  2213 A&AB


Lars Junghans