Urban and Regional Planning

Term: Winter 2024
Section: 1
Class Number: 603
Credits: 6
Required: Yes
Elective: No

/ URP 603

Urban and Regional Planning Capstone Studio

A one-term capstone experience involving second-year students working with community-based organizations or with agencies concerned with neighborhood issues under the direction of their capstone faculty advisor. Following general introduction and orientation to the planning topic and the neighborhood, students work intensively in collaboration with neighborhood leaders and residents in improving their situation. Students use the knowledge gained from their studies to produce a plan to address a specific community-identified need. Plans often address strengthening housing, reinforcing neighborhoods, revitalizing commercial districts, relieving transportation difficulties, dealing with contaminated sites, reinforcing industrial areas. Students may present their plan at community or agency meetings throughout the semester, with a final presentation for their faculty advisor. This course is designed to allow students to explore the professional aspects of the profession, and to gain practical training in the field.


Mon, Wed 2:30-5:30pm or 3:30-6:30pm Capstone Rooms

There are 4 sections. Students will be given permission to enroll in a specific section after balloting late in the Fall term.


Joe Grengs Ana Paula Pimentel Walker Sarah Mills Madhavi Reddy