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Achim Timmermann

Professor of Architecture
Professor of the History of Art

Achim Timmermann is a specialist in the medieval and Renaissance art and architecture of central Europe, the Alpine regions, and Provence. His interests include medieval microarchitecture in all its forms and manifestations, the nexus between architecture and pilgrimage, the representation of Christian-Jewish relationships, late medieval allegory, and the architectural and pictorial stage-management of civic rituals (including the punishment of criminals). He is author of Real Presence: Sacrament Houses and the Body of Christ, c. 1270-1600 (2009) and Memory and Redemption: Public Monuments and the Making of Late Medieval Landscape (2017), as well as co-editor of a two-volume Festschrift dedicated to the eminent architectural historian Paul Crossley (d. 2019). His current book projects have the working titles Augmented Reality: Jerusalem and the Civic Imagination in Late Medieval Germany, and The Art History of the Late Medieval Ship.


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