Dr. Joongsub Kim's Detroit Studio Visits Korea

Dr. Joongsub Kim, M.S. ’97, Ph.D. ’01, is associate professor of architecture and design at Lawrence Technological University. Dr. Kim was one of the keynote speakers at the International Urban Design Workshop entitled “Marginal City Reciprocal City,” held at Chungju University in Korea in spring 2008. he and his counterpart in Korea developed the workshop. Dr. Kim’s graduate students from the Detroit Studio Community Outreach Program participated in the week-long workshop and toured several cities in Korea. Detroit Studio in directed by Dr. Kim, and each of his students from the studio led a team of foreign students at the workshop to develop urban design proposals fro selected sites in Korea. As one of the positive outcomes of the workshop, Detroit Studio’s partnering students in Korea are working on sites in Detroit in the fall of 2009, and their proposals for the Museum of HIP will be exhibited at the Club Technology Building located in Detroit’s Hope District in 2009.