Students, Faculty, Emeritus Faculty present at International Space Syntax Symposium in Stockholm

The International Space Syntax Symposium is an established tradition in international architecture research, combining high scientific rigor with high relevance for architectural practice. This year’s conference, held June 8-11 in Stockholm, will include presentations from several members of the Taubman College community. PhD student Anirban Adhya will discuss his paper entitled “Evaluating the Campus-Downtown Relationship: The Spatial Configuration of Four College Towns in Small Metropolitan Regions in the United States” in the Urban Territoriality and Private and Public Space category. Associate Dean, Jean D. Wineman, will join with Professor Emeritus Robert W. Marans, Associate Professor at the school of public health Amy Jo Schulz, PhD student Diaan L. van der Westhuizen, Executive Director of the Rebuilding Communities, Inc/Warren-Conner Development Coalition (WCDC) Sonya Grant-Pierson, and Senior Associate Industrial Hygienist for the Detroit Health Department Paul Max to present the paper “Contributions of Accessibility and Visibility Characteristics to Neighborhood Typologies and their Predictions of Physical Activity and Health&” in the New Modes of Modeling and Methodological Development category.