Jonathan Levine, urban planning chair, to discuss metropolitan accessibility and transportation sustainability at McGill

Jonathan Levine, Urban Planning chair at Taubman College, will speak April 1, 2010, at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada as part of its weekly transportation seminar. Entitled, “Metropolitan Accessibility and Transportation Sustainability: Comparative Indicators for Policy Reform,” his lecture will argue that a shift from mobility to accessibility as transportation’s overarching goal is necessary for consistency with understandings of transportation demand, and is also an approach to increasing the sustainability of the transportation system, including its global warming impacts. He will discuss research on 38 of the largest metropolitan regions in the United States that indicates denser and more centralized regions show greater accessibility than others.

Levine’s lecture is based on a paper of the same title he authored with Taubman College Assistant Professor Joe Grengs and University of Maryland Professor of Urban Students and Planning Qing Shen. The paper was previously presented at the Fifth Urban Research Symposium in June 2009 in Marseille, France. Click here to view the paper. (PDF 1.9MB)