2011 Spring Architecture and Urban Planning Awards

Taubman College has a history rich in awards and recognition of academic, service and leadership excellence. The following awards were presented this spring and at graduation May 1, 2011.

Doctoral Honors and Awards

Presented by Architecture Program Chair John McMorrough.

ARCC/King Student Medal
Jennifer Lynn Chamberlin, Ph.D.
Named in honor of the late Jonathan King, co-founder and first president of the Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC), this award is given to one student per ARCC member school. Selection is based upon criteria that acknowledge innovation, integrity, and scholarship in architectural and/or environmental design research.

Doctoral Student Award
Kush Upenda Patel, M.S.
This award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the Ph.D. Program in Architecture.

Master of Science Student Award
Micah Aaron Berkowitz Rutenberg, M.S.
This award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to the Master of Science degree programs.

Distinguished Dissertation Award
LaDale C. Winling, PH.D.

Master of Urban Planning

Presented by Urban and Regional Program Chair Richard K. Norton

Academic Achievement
Gretchen Ann Miller Johnson

Service to the Community
Robert Arthur Albert Linn

Service to Taubman College and the Urban & Regional Planning Program
Oana Druta

American Institute of Certified Planners Award
Kevin Burns McCoy

Master of Architecture

Presented by Architecture Program Chair John McMorrough

AIA Henry Adams Medal & Certificate
Theresa Ann Broderick – Medal
Kyle Sturgeon – AIA Henry Adams Certificate
In each recognized school of architecture in the United States, the American Institute of Architects annually awards an engraved medal to the M.Arch. degree candidate with the highest scholastic standing. A certificate is awarded to the degree candidate with the second highest standing. The faculty determines the awards.

Marian Sarah Parker Memorial Award
Lisa Sauvé
Sarah Drake Parker initiated this endowment, shared with the College of Engineering, in memory of her daughter, Marian Sarah Parker, C.E. 1895, the first woman to graduate with an engineering degree from the University of Michigan. As a member of Purdy & Henderson, Parker became a specialist in the design of the steel-framed skyscraper and helped to design such revolutionary buildings as New York’s Flat Iron Building and the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The award is made annually to the outstanding woman senior in engineering and to the outstanding woman M.Arch. degree candidate.

Alpha Rho Chi Medal
Kyle Sturgeon
Alpha Rho Chi, a national professional fraternity for students of architecture and the allied arts, awards its medal annually, in April, upon recommendations of the architecture faculty in each school of architecture. The purpose is to recognize the M.Arch. degree candidate who has shown leadership and given service to the school and whose personality and attitude give promise of real professional worth.

Thesis Project Honors: Ryan Donaghy; Christopher Holzwart; William Liow; Jessica Mattson; Andrew Powers; Melinda Rouse; Alivia Stalnaker; Kyle Sturgeon; Katie Grace Wirtz

Architecture Undergraduate

Presented by Architecture Program Chair John McMorrough

Raoul Wallenberg Competition Awards
All seniors at Taubman College participate in the Wallenberg Studios, named for 20th century hero Raoul Wallenberg, a 1935 graduate of our college. The studio culminates in a review by outside critics who select the best work. Student winners are awarded generous scholarships to support international travel.

Wallenberg Award winners presented to undergraduate
For more about the Wallenberg Studios and Awards

$6,000 Honor Awards:
Simon Rolka, Newell Studio
Grant Weaver, Newell Studio
Ian Sinclair, Mankouche Studio

$1,500 Honorable Mention:
Jacqueline Kow, Moran Studio
Timothy Harmon, Shieh Studio

George G. Booth Traveling Fellowship

The Booth Fellowship was first awarded in 1924. It is offered annually by the University of Michigan, Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning and provides the opportunity for recent alumni/ae to research some special aspect of architecture that requires international travel.

2011 Booth Traveling Fellow
Mary O’Malley, M.Arch.’10

Saarinen-Swanson Essay Contest

Presented by Associate Dean Jean Wineman

Established in 1994, the Saarinen Swanson Essay Competition writing fund at the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning encourages strong writing as a medium to foster critical thinking and exposition among future professionals in architecture and planning. The competition seeks 1000-1500 word essays addressing contemporary critical discourse in Design and/or Urbanism. Essays will be judged anonymously. The fund secures $8000 per year; while the distribution of the fund will be at the discretion of the jury, a top prize does not exceed $2000 to encourage multiple winners.

Master of Urban Planning student Scott Kalafatis, “Adaptation Challenges and Planning Opportunities”
Master of Urban Planning student Jacob Anderson, “Defending Planning Action and Promoting Change”
Doctoral student Michael McCulloch, “Aesthetic of Care and the Empty City”
Undergraduate architecture student Julie Chau, “Defining Architecture: Discovering Possibility”