Chair Norton presented at the International Conference on Planning, Law and Property Rights about the Great Lakes Shorelines

Urban and Regional Planning Program Chair and Associate Professor Richard Norton spoke and moderated a panel at the Fifth International Conference on Planning, Law and Property Rights at the University of Alberta, May 25-28, 2011. Norton was part of the conference’s academic organizing committee.

Norton presented his paper, “Public Trust Interests, Private Property Rights, and Michigan’s Great Lakes Shorelines: The Law of Accretion, Erosion, Reliction, and Avulsion on a Great Lakes Shore,” at the conference on May 28. He also moderated a May 27 session on Planning and the Environment with topics representing: “Preserving Forest Lands for Forest Uses: Oregon Land Use Policies for Forest Lands” (Edward J. Sullivan and Alexia Solomou); “Backdoor Methods: Mechanisms to Ensure Compliance with State Biodiversity Management Policy” (Julie Rudner, Kath Fraser & Rebecca Leshinsky); and “New Demands on Environmental and Planning Law and the Relationship to Property Rights” (Thomas Jacobson).

The conference sessions were an opportunity for scholars from around the world to present innovative research and engage in interdisciplinary exchange related to the theme of the Association – the study of the connections, in the broadest sense, between Planning and Law. For more information, visit the conference website.