Lecturer Turpin's exhibition, Stainlessness, featured at gallery in Detroit's Eastern Market

Lecturer Turpin’s exhibition, Stainlessness, featured at gallery in Detroit’s Eastern Market

Architecture Lecturer Etienne Turpin’s exhibition Stainlessness is on view at the Salt & Cedar Letterpress Gallery in Detroit’s Eastern Market, May 5 – July 15 2012. Stainlessness recuperates the tradition of the architectural ‘capriccio’ as a means to emphasize the history of labor movements in North America and to make legible the physical semblance of these movements in cities including Sudbury, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Detroit. While processes of urbanization have all but erased these struggles from our cities and left only ambivalent monuments to mark the past, the narrative of Stainlessness and its contemporary ‘capriccios’ assert the centrality of labor as a force capable of transforming the nature of cities, the culture of America, and the geologic deep-time marked by the Anthropocene.

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