Faculty-lead Student Team Presents Ideas for Ypsilanti Recreation Center

Faculty-lead Student Team Presents Ideas for Ypsilanti Recreation Center

Taubman College faculty Craig Borum, Professor of Architecture (PLY Architecture), Jen Maigret, Assistant Professor of Architecture (Made Studio), and Maria Arquero de Alarcon, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning and Urban Design (Made Studio), are heading a University of Michigan team that presented two design options seeking public input regarding the Water Street Eastside Recreation Center in Ypsilanti. The presentation took place Thursday, September 25th at SPARK East in downtown Ypsilanti.

In an interview given to Ann, Jen Maigret added, “What’s going to create the most amount of interest is the idea that the city and county have come together to oversee the creation of a rec center that serves as a civic anchor.”

Taubman College students invovled in the project are:

  • Catherine Baldwin, MArch, 2012
  • Leigh Davis, MUP, 2013
  • Kathryn Dreitzler, MArch, 2014
  • Chaerin Jin, MUP, 2013
  • Geoffrey Salvatore, MArch, 2013
  • Catherine Truong, MArch, 2013
  • Amy McNamara, designer (PLY Architecture)
  • Caileigh MacKellar, designer (PLY Architecture)
  • Alex Timmer, designer (PLY Architecture)
  • Kayla Lim, designer (PLY Architecture)

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