Princeton University's Beatriz Colomina joins John McMorrough for "Talk Show"

Princeton University’s Beatriz Colomina joins John McMorrough for “Talk Show”

A Roundtable discussion on the art and ideas behind the magazines in the exhibition, Clip/Stamp/Fold will take place tonight, October 25th at 6:00pm at the Taubman College Liberty Research Annex. The central speaker is exhibition curator Beatriz Colomina, Professor of Architecture and Chair of the Ph.D. Program, School of Architecture, Princeton University and Director of the Media and Modernity Program, Princeton University. She will be in conversation with John McMorrough, Chair of Architecture here at Taubman College.

Clip/Stamp/Fold is an exhibition on display which tracks the critical function of independent architectural publications that were the engine of an intensely creative period of experimental architectural practice in the 1960s and 1970s. Known as “little magazines,” the periodicals that proliferated during this period appeared in response to the political, social and artistic changes of the time. The show includes manifestoes, pamphlets, building instruction manuals, and a survey of magazine covers as well as professional magazines, complemented by interviews with editors and designers of these publications. Researched and organized by a team of Ph.D. candidates in the School of Architecture at Princeton University led by Professor Beatriz Colomina. The team included: Craig Buckley, Anthony Fontenot, Urtzi Grau, Lisa Hsieh, Alicia Imperiale, Lydia Kallipoliti, Olympia Kazi, Daniel Lopez-Perez, and Irene Sunwoo. Generous support for the exhibition in Ann Arbor was given by The Guido A. Binda Lecture and Exhibition Fund.

Liberty Research Annex is located at 305 W. Liberty St., Ann Arbor
The Clip/Stamp/Fold Exhibition runs until October 28, 2012 and is open to the Public Friday – Sunday, 2–7 pm