Master of Architecture Students Open "Cross-plotted: Detroit to Windsor" on November 9th

Master of Architecture Students Open “Cross-plotted: Detroit to Windsor” on November 9th

Cross-plotted: Detroit to Windsor is an exhibition by a group of Master of Architecture students at the University of Michigan. The group is formulated around a research practice that investigates the unfolding circumstances of the city through full-scale-work: making is used as a means to reveal, critique, and alter the realities of our urban settings. The exhibition focuses on specific plots of land in Detroit by exploring their material and atmospheric conditions as well as their immaterial regulations, degrees of neglect, and idiosyncrasies. The capsules work to re-frame materials from the plots in Detroit within their displaced context in Windsor.

The group is collaborating with the artist-led interdisciplinary collective Broken City Lab, as well as the Creative Rights legal team. The attitudes and research practices developed for this work will inform a yearlong thesis studio.

The exhibit opens November 9th at 7pm at Broken City Lab’s Civic Space: 411 Pelissier Street in downtown Windsor.


  • John Guinn
  • Tony Killian
  • Anastasia Kostrominova
  • Emily Kutil
  • Sarah Nowaczyk
  • Harry Solie
  • Grant Weaver
  • Andrew Wolking
  • Ning Zhou

Instructor: Catie Newell

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Faculty: Catie Newell ,