Professor Larsen Interviewed for Planet Blue's 2012 Sustainability Report

Larissa Larsen, an Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, was recently featured in a video as part of the University of Michigan’s Planet Blue progress report on Sustainability. Larsen’s interview, which came out earlier this week from the Office of the Vice President for Global Communications, touched on reducing energy usage.

The 2012 Sustainability Report is a reflection of the university’s expansive growth and broad engagement to tackle some of the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges. The report aims to highlight some of the most impressive work in the areas of education, research, and operations while seeking to stimulate conversation about the policy, science, and individual action that is required to ensure the health of the planet.

The report website is:

Larsen’s segment is featured in the video titled “Our approach to a more sustainabile future” and can be found by clicking on the “Our Commitment” > “2012 Highlights links from the homepage.

Larissa Larsen is an associate professor in the Urban and Regional Planning Program (URP) at the University of Michigan. She teaches graduate classes in environmental planning, land use planning, and urban design theory and regularly oversees graduate community-based capstone projects in Detroit neighborhoods. Larissa is the PhD Coordinator for the Urban and Regional Planning Program and the Physical Planning and Design Concentration Coordinator for the Master of Urban Planning Program. Larissa holds an appointment in the School of Natural Resources and Environment.