Possible Mediums Conference – A Review

Possible Mediums Conference – A Review

The Possible Mediums conference, hosted by Ohio State University on February 7th, challenged the boundaries of architectural convention. Leaders and students were invited to explore processes rooted in mediums external to the discipline (such as film or comics) or developed from atypical applications of more conventional mediums (such as drawings or models).

Matt Shaw of Domus magazine wrote a re-cap of the event. The entire article can be found at: Following is portion of the article:

“…In other words, Possible Mediums made apparent that architecture is no longer bound to the canvas — plans and sections — but can be “represented” in sitcoms or Sears-style shopping catalogues. The conference posited that architecture is something that can cut across cultural boundaries, both pre- and post- production. It can look to other disciplines for formal generation, but it can also jump over the line that medium-specificity creates between insiders and outsiders, to engage broader audiences post-production.”

Taubman College representatives at the conference were: John McMorrough, Chair of the Architecture program (Guest Speaker); Adam Fure, Lecturer in Architecture, (Conference Co-Chair); Ellie Abrons, Lecturer in Architecture (Workshop Leader); and Andrew Holder, Willard A. Oberdick Fellow and Lecturer in Architecture (Workshop Leader).

Domus magazine is considered an authoritative voice in international architecture, design, and art.