Review of 'Air Rights' featured in Archinect

Review of ‘Air Rights’ featured in Archinect

Michael Abrahamson, a doctoral student in Architecture History and Theory at Taubman College, recently published a review of “Air Rights” – an exhibition by the Drone Research Lab designed by Master of Architecture students Dillon Erb and John Hilmes.

The review looks at the ideas and presentations of the exhibition which took place in the Taubman College Gallery, October 1-17, 2013.

Following is a sample of the review:
“Operating as a kind of clearing house for ideas regarding drones and urban space, the DRL hopes to provoke more broad questions about the relation between aerial robots and everyday habitable spaces. This first collection of speculations is both critical and productive, but the tension between futurist and bricoleur mentalities persists. The show is a mixed bag, displaying everything from a metaphoric play on US intelligence procedures to a pragmatic consumer drone kit.”

Visit the Archinect website to read the entire review.